Presentation & goals of the project

>> SimStadt is the name of a new urban simulation environment that will be developed between Jan. 2013 and Dec. 2015 within the project of the same name, funded by the German federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

The goal of this urban simulation environment is to realise a variety of energy analyses for city districts, whole cities or regions.

From heating demand diagnosis, to photovoltaic potential, via the simulation of building refurbishment and renewables energy supply scenarios, this urban simulation environment aims at assisting urban planners and city managers with defining and coordinating low-carbon energy strategies for their cities.
virtual 3d city model
The main specialization of this urban simulation environment is its utilization of virtual 3D city models, as realistic inputs for simulation as well as visualisation and communication support.

In recent years, these virtual 3D city models, storing geometrical and semantical data of whole cities, have shown huge potentials in the fields City planning, Environment and Energy, and are increasingly used for it.

The number of cities using 3D city models is skyrocketing, while the investment costs and time required to build these models are decreasing as new automatic data collection technologies such as LiDAR are developed.